College Grove is located about 38 minutes south of Nashville in Williamson County. Home to the Bluegrass & Harvest Festival, College Grove is a small unincorporated community undergoing new growth.

Neighborhood Keywords

Cozy Farms Country Life Off the Beaten Path
The Neighborhood

A small community located on the edge of Williamson County.

The Lifestyle

An area of simple rural living.

The Market

Single-family homes dominate the market.

Known for

The Grove Golf Club and Community.

What Not to Expect

Fast-paced lifestyle, nightlife, and access to shops and restaurants.

You'll Fall in Love With

The country life, privacy, and the tight-knit community.

Neighborhood Vibe

The Neighborhood

College Grove is a small community on the southeastern edge of Williamson County. Settled south of Davidson county and just outside of Eagleville, it's a great choice for locals looking for true simple, country living. As College Grove undergoes new growth, shops and restaurants are sure to develop with the community.

The Market

Single-family homes dominate the market and continue to be the ongoing trend.

The Lifestyle

Being tucked away from big cities and upholding a tight-knit, country lifestyle is what makes College Grove one of the best options for people seeking a quiet, secluded area to live in. Locals can be found spending their time outdoors farming and exploring their land or participating in local events. Being home to a community of tradition and simplicity, College Grove is a great place to raise a family with space to grow.

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